Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stimulating the Economy

We are doin' it all over the place this week, in spite of not going much of anywhere on vacation. Dropped some cash at the Tennessee Aquarium on Monday, and even bought the souvenir photo, mostly because it was a good picture of both of us and we don't have many of those (and the fake background made us laugh). Spent some dough today on a new sofa and chair for our living room. We'll donate the old sleeper sofa and loveseat (they were a hand-me-down to PDM years ago). Still looking for coffee and end tables. And we'll need some smaller speakers to replace the big muthas that we are currently using. Went shopping for porch furniture and narrowed it down enough to plunk down some moolah tomorrow - two shops will be competing for our business. Picked up Big Daddy and Grandmother's 60-year old glider and took it to a mom-n-pop shop to be sandblasted and powder coated. I can't wait to see it looking just about as good as new. We'll order some custom cushions for it, probably at yet another locally owned business. Or, I might get industrious and order the material to make them myself.

ready for transport

On deck for tomorrow: some unusual altruism involving... the big chop. I'm a bit nervous about it. Gulp.


LL said...

Big Chop? You're getting PDM fixed? Yikes!

MW said...


Now knock that off, LL! You made me forget what I was going to say! ;-D

Dianne said...


I can't wait to see the glider restored to its original beauty. I'm so glad you're doing that.

Are you cutting your hair for Locks of Love?

Minnesotablue said...

Thinking of Locks of love: My youngest daughter and her daughter wait for their hair to grow and donate it each year. It's cool cause they both have long curly dark hair and it grows fast so they always have a lot to give.

ted said...

I know this is just the engineer being a pedant, but when you have the glider blasted & powdercoated, see if you can get the pivot points for the frame, linkages & seat drilled out a little bigger and have oil-impregnated bronze bushings installed and new pivot pins.

I'm glad y'all are getting it and can enjoy it on your new porch... I remember a lot of time spent on that thing both there and on Bell Circle.

fermicat said...

ll - nah, he ain't broke.

mw - maybe you'll remember it later.

dianne and minnesotablue - yes, Locks of Love. I've been growing it out for this over the last two years.

ted - we can ask them about all that. I saw some other parts they had coated when we dropped off the glider and I am excited to see how it will look. We've all had some happy down time in that old glider.