Friday, May 16, 2008

Stealth Cat

Zima on a rail
Zima employs her protective coloring on the new porch now that it is painted. Cat? What cat?

Porch completion has been delayed by, of all things, rain!


Kathleen said...

Woohoo!!! RAIN! I hope you get enough to help, but not so much that it causes problems!

Zima is so pretty.

magnetbabe said...

I'm sure the the State of Georgia thanks you for invoking Murphy's Law through the building of a structure thereby causing rain to fall at the most inopportune time for you.

Yay for camouflage for Zima! Love the picture as always. (Could I hire you to make my kitties look that pretty on film?)

Dianne said...

Stealth cat!! LOL

Made me think of that commercial where people bring in all types of stuff for the store to match the paint color.

Could you imagine showing up with a herd of cats and saying "can you match this"

I'd love to do that

BTW - the porch looks amazing

LL said...

What??? You don't post for nearly a week and then you bombard me with a cat? The disappointment of it all...


MW said...

Are you sure you didn't paint the porch with Zima in mind? ;-)

AS for LL's comment: LOL!

Jeni said...

Zima's camouflage to be the great protectorate of the porch looks like it is working great! Love that photo of the cat and against the deep blue background on your blog it really sets things off. Very sharp!

fermicat said...

kat - rain, yes. We will take it.

magnetbabe - I would try washing my car to make it rain, only we aren't allowed to wash our cars at home.

Dianne - we tried to match the brick color, but matching Zima would've worked also.

ll - sorry, but what did you expect?

MW - Zima approves the paint color choice!

jeni - using Zima as the subject almost guarantees the background looks dark by comparison.

ctheokas said...

Wait... there's a cat there? I don't see a cat!