Monday, March 24, 2008


PDM has been modeling tile patterns for the porch floor on his computer. Some of the more elaborate ones that use multiple shapes and sizes are pretty, but we will probably go with something simple and classic -- either a diamond or herringbone pattern. Tessellations are pretty damn cool. It would be fun to have a M.C. Escher type of pattern, but our tiles don't come in lizard, fish, or bird shapes. Reptiles is my favorite Escher piece.

The contractors made some progress on the porch again today (even though the county inspectors don't seem to be in a hurry to do their part - inspecting the holes that have been dug for the footings). Today's photos can be viewed here with the others.


LL said...

I'd go for the Tessellations... Either that or some fractals. Oh yeah...

Dianne said...

Our township inspectors have 2 speeds - slow and "we'll get there when we can".

Luckily the office is close by so I go there. I guess I'm so annoying that they just want to be rid of me.

I'm so excited for you for all the great decisions you get to make and how pretty it will all be.

Christopher said...

MC Escher that's my favorite MC

fermicat said...

ll - fractal tiles would be cool, but probably a bit beyond the skill level of the installers!

dianne - the stupid county already threw up a roadblock. This is a simple project that should not require an act of congress to acquire a permit for. In fact, they are making us want to say "fuck it" and not get one.

christopher - mine, too. Welcome to the blog!