Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm still not here.

On vacation until tomorrow. It will be business as usual on Monday, except for the jet lag. I've tried not to stray too far from Atlanta time, which means getting up very early here. Fortunately it has been easy to do - no alarm clock required.

California is pretty this time of year. The scenery at Torrey Pines State Reserve yesterday was stunning - much different than it looked last August. Today is finishing as a lazy day visiting my sister and her family, after an ambitious start -- going on a two-hour harbor cruise of San Diego bay. Good thing the Minnow was not lost, as I did not pack anything for being marooned on a deserted island.


LL said...

After Mary Ann's latest affair... I'm thinking you'd be set for a little while.

Sounds like you and the sis have had a good time.

Dianne said...

Safe trip home!

I loved "I'm still not here" :)

fermicat said...

ll - that's true. Mary Ann sounds like she's still pretty fun to party with.

dianne - thanks, I made it back just fine. I wish I was "still not here" though.