Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Booze and hookers."

That is PDM's standard answer when I ask him what he is going to do while I am away from home on a trip without him. I think he will probably enjoy a few days to himself. Privacy is hard to get when you are married. Sometimes a short time apart can be refreshing to both.

I am leaving tomorrow for another business trip. Going to La Jolla, CA on a site visit to UCSD. I'm staying a few extra days because I love the San Diego area, and know it well. Besides, if you are going to fly all the way across the country, why wouldn't you want to stay a few extra days? I will be able to visit my sister in Encinitas on Saturday, in between her trips (she is a flight attendant, recently returned from furlough). She tells me that the desert is blooming this time of year and it is lovely. I'm bringing my camera! And I am looking forward to (a)what I will learn from the site visit, (b)the beautiful scenery, (c)seeing my sister and her family, and (d)some California downtime. I am planning to return to Torrey Pines State Reserve to hike the trails by the sea.

As usual, the worst part of traveling is packing for the trip. I hate packing and then some. Always worried that I will forget something crucial. Sure, I guess I can always buy something if I need it and didn't bring it, but what a hassle. I also don't like to commit days in advance, in an unfamiliar climate, to what I will wear. And there is the shoe thing-- trying to minimize the number of pairs needed. *SIGH* Hate it. Mixing business travel with pleasure just makes it worse. Business travel is easy -- no question about what to wear. It is the pleasure part that has no rules and cannot easily be figured out. Aside from knowing that I will hike, I have no idea what kind of "going out" I will do. Makes it damn hard to plan ahead.

Progress on our screened-in porch is sure to go on without me. I am leaving my crappy old digital camera for PDM to use to document each day's changes. Today's photos have been added to the Flickr "porch construction" set. We ran into a snag in the permit process with our county. They sure don't encourage compliance by putting stupid obstacles in place. Makes us just want to say "screw dat" and do it without a permit. Do they want our money, or not? This is a simple change, and they are asking for a ridiculous amount of documentation. I am wondering if it is worth it. They should not make it so hard to do the right thing.

I'll be gone until Sunday. Posting between now and then depends on my locating some free wireless internet access and having something to say. (Ditto for reading and commenting on your blogs.) I'm not paying $9.95 per day to get it at the hotel. "Screw dat!"


MW said...

I don't envy you the flying part (even if you're OK with it), but I definitely envy you the La Jolla part. Are you going to try to visit the Coronado side of the bay, too? That area is always worth visiting.

Lastly, if the guilt of not writing to us eventually starts to get to you, you could just walk up and down a few residential streets with your laptop trying to find a free hot spot. ;-)

Have fun, you lucky person.

Jeni said...

Like you, I hate to pack too. Decision making of any kind is not my strength - not by a long shot!
Hope you have safe traveling to and from and enjoy the pleasure parts of your visit very much. Now go and take lots and lots of pics, please!

LL said...

I'm thinkin' PDM is going to have a much better time. :P

Have a good trip fermi. I hope you and your stewardess sister get a lot of quality fun time and no sleep.

Dave said...

Reminder for your next construction project: the contractor should be required in the contract to get the permit. They know the building and permitting people. (I do construction law.)

More important: have a great week.

Dianne said...

have a great trip!

ctheokas said...

Have a great trip, Fermi.

You know, when I got money for a present, I'd send out thank you cards with this kind of answer on them: Thank you so much of the $x you sent me. I spent it on fast women and liquor.

Gave my ma coniption fits when she found out.

TheWriteGirl said...

Oh boy! I can't wait for the pictures! But wait a minute - if you left the camera at home, what are you going to use? Well, whatever, I'm looking forward to your pix of the desert in bloom.

And do keep us updated on progress on the porch. My ex is an architect and a builder so I speak reasonably fluent Construction.

dr sardonicus said...

Booze and hookers. PDM is a man after my own heart.

wa11z said...

I thought it was hookers and booze?

BC said...

Enjoy your trip and get some down time for yourself. :D

Minnesotablue said...

Have a good trip. I know what you mean by packing. My biggest decision is always shoes. I can never decide which ones to bring. My son lives in San Marcos and when he called this week he said he had to take off his robe cause it was so warm. Sounds good to me.

fermicat said...

No access to internet until today, but I enjoyed reading your comments!