Monday, December 31, 2007

Speaking of blue...

My team lost their bowl game on that weird blue field today. It does not make me feel any better than teams with coaching transitions are 0-5 in their bowl games thus far.

It hasn't been a good day otherwise. I lost a necklace charm down the drain of the bathroom sink this evening. After much cursing, I asked PDM to take the trap out to get it back. The trap disintegrated when he tried to remove it. The pipe was old and corroded and thin, and just turned to dust. The only good thing was that he got my jewelry back. The bad thing is that I have to call a plumber on January 2 to come out and fix the sink, plus inspect the rest of the plumbing for more weak spots. Great. Just wonderful. Swell.

But that wasn't the only malfunction of the evening. Right after the game, I decided I wanted to hear the Georgia Tech radio broadcast, because I wanted to know some stuff like why they pulled the starting QB at halftime, and what happened to Choice, and why they did a lot of what they did. But the AM station that carries our games has a giant loss of signal strength at 5:30 and this was 5:45pm. So I went on the web and streamed the station live on PDM's Mac. It worked fine for about five minutes and then crashed his computer. We turned it off and went to the pub. When we got back and turned it back on, there was a major problem, and PDM has been working on it for two hours. I feel terrible, because I was the last person to use it before the Big Crash. It still isn't working and I feel awful, and PDM is mad at me.

There are other things that have made this not the best year. Goodbye 2007 and good riddance. I hope 2008 is better. And I hope y'all are having more fun than I am, because this is not fun at all. Sigh.


LL said...

See what happens when you don't fly out to the nether regions and support your team? :P

Oh... and I thought that Macs didn't ever crash... ;)

fermicat said...

I was thinking the same thing, but it would not have been a good idea to say it out loud.

dr sardonicus said...

In Tech's defense, Boise State was the de facto home team. Georgia Tech was playing in hostile territory.

You guys are supposed to be big-time engineers; why couldn't someone come up with a plan to have all the Tech fans drive tankers up there and fill them up with water before returning to Georgia?

Happy New Year. Hope 2008 is good to you and PDM.

fermicat said...

Yeah, the locals were supporting their conference, and I can't really blame them for that. Unfortunately Tech is going to have to improve a whole lot if they want to play in a bowl on this side of the Mississippi River. I am hopeful that new coach Paul Johnson will be able to pull this off.

Apparently it is not easy to get to Boise from Atlanta. More than 2000 miles away, and there are no direct flights. Our tailgating buddies had tickets, but the couldn't find any flights with less than three legs. I noticed that Tech did not even send the full marching band - probably too expensive.

I can't think of anyone, other than a student, who would have tried to DRIVE there!

Thanks for the new year wishes. The drain is still busted, but PDM's computer is fixed so things are looking up. And we're drinking our celebratory mimosas! (I felt a little green this morning so we put off the mimosa making until this afternoon.)

LL said...

Bah... you could'a flown to SLC and then straight to Le Boi.

And I didn't get to see the game, but I doubt there were many home towners supporting Fresno. They're one of the big conference rivals so...

Hope the mimosas are going down easy!

Gerritt said...

BEST wishes for a better '08, in football and in all things.

Jeni said...

Cheer up, Kiddo! You just got slapped with a heavy dose of Murphy and his modus operandi, ya know. The Mimosas sure do sound good - so does a Black Russian or even a Coors Lite right now but I've got my old system so full of OTC cold meds and I don't want to mess up their work so I think I will have to wait a day or two, maybe three, before I have a "welcome to the New Year celebratory drink! Glad you got the computer fixed and think positive on the drain situation -probably for the best in the long run to have it all checked out and get a game plan in gear to get any other weaknesses fixed then asap. Have a great New Year -both you and PDM and hope the cats don't do any more numbers on you either! How did the pillow cat make out at the Vets anyway?

shellig said...

Hope 2008 is better! :) Happy New Year!!

TheWriteGirl said...

From someone who doesn't follow collegiate football AT ALL, and only follows the headlines in pro football, let me offer my condolences. However, life does go on. After you go through your grieving process, you'll find the rest of the world pretty much the same as you left it, which is a comfort, I think. In another couple of weeks, after the bowl games and the Superbowl and all that stuff, you'll be comforted to know that the Earth still rotates on its axix and revolves around the sun.

And of course, then pitchers and catchers start reporting to spring training and life begins again.

fermicat said...

ll - saw some "Bulldog for today, Bronco for life" type of signs, and it was not a GT friendly crowd, judging by the noise.

gerritt - thanks for stopping in, and good luck with your new website.

jeni - Zima had a UTI and is feeling much better after treatment with antibiotics. She is acting like herself again.

Shelli - come over sometime. We'll watch some basketball and be the 'rowdy girls' again!

thewritegirl - we Tech fans are used to disappointing games and seasons, unfortunately. There is always another sport and another season. Along with that whole "constancy of the laws of physics" thing. I'll be fine.