Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Balanced" Coverage

Today's sports section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution contained:

- a very nice two page spread about the SEC championship game on page 3-4

- a four page spread about high school football playoffs

- a 1/4 page article about the changes VT made to their defense after getting trounced by LSU early in the season. That was the AJC's sole coverage of the ACC championship game.

- Zero coverage of all other conference championship games today.

My letter to the sports page editor will go out on Monday. Right now, I've gotta get back to the games! (Watching the ACC football game and listening to the Georgia Tech basketball game.)


Dave said...

Fermi, and your point about the rag is?

I thought last week about counting the number of articles, overall written by an AJC reporter and an AP byline. My bet? AP makes mroe money from the paper than Cox does.

Oh, I'm listening to NPR as I type, though, now that I think of it I have to turn on the SEC game.

fermicat said...

They stink!!

Given that the NCAA football team that plays home games IN ATLANTA is in the ACC, equal coverage between the ACC and the SEC is not too much to expect. I don't know what they were thinking for today's edition. Maybe they have all got Bulldawg fever and don't care about anything else?

My basketball game didn't go very well. I guess there is a reason that Vandy is 7-0. They looked very good, and we played terribly. The point spread got as high as 28 before Vandy put their scrubs in.

dr sardonicus said...

Georgia is SEC territory, like it or not. It also doesn't help that as of this morning, the Dawgs suddenly have a shot at the BCS championship game. And GT is going to the Humanitarian Bowl, or something like that?

Remember, you were playing Vandy in basketball, not football. Kevin Stallings has made the 'Dores into a legitimate big-time program. That big Australian kid in the post has a lot to do with their being 7-0. He played for the Australian national team, but the 'Dores weren't sure he was ready for big-time US college ball. So far, he's convinced everybody that he can play.

fermicat said...

doc - I call that bowl the "Humiliation Bowl" (apologies to LL, but a trip to Boise in December is not high on my list of good times, plus that blue field is just weird). Yes, Georgia is SEC land, but this state has just as many football teams in the ACC as in the SEC.

Vandy is going places this year.

UGA should not play for the national championship this year. LSU and VT are 11-2 conference champions, and I expect both to hop over Georgia in the BCS standings.

Today's paper was just as bad as Saturday. Cover + 2-page spread for SEC, 2/3 page for ACC with one article on the game and one article on coaching rumors concerning GT interim coach Tenuta (there were some rumors yesterday that he would be joining Miles at Michigan -- now the speculation has shifted to him working for Miles at LSU).

Kathleen said...

You think that's bad? I can't remember there was an article regarding the Iraq war or the upcoming presidential election linked on the front page of the Freep. Pathetic.

Kathleen said...

Fermi - I've been to Boise and it's a cute little city...but I'm with you - not sure I want to go there in December.