Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hammock Time

Hammock Time

I'd forgotten how nice the hammock can be on a mild winter day. It is the perfect vantage point to see all the bird action in the trees. There are no leaves to hide the birds and the feeder is nearby, which guarantees a lot of activity. And best of all, there are no bugs in the dead of winter, even on a warm day. It was a great spot to relax after an afternoon of yard work. Zima hopped on for a spell and kept me company.


Fermi's Mom said...

I spent my warm day cutting down three River Birch trees. The birds were singing all around me. Today I finish cleaning up the mess in my backyard. I'm happy you still have that old hammock.

Kathleen said...

Really??? You were outside lying in a hammock yesterday? It was beautiful here yesterday which means it was 35F. Of course, the beautiful day that was yesterday has been followed by yet more snow.

Word Verification: vollycat

I'm pretty sure that means we need an extra day of catblogging this week.

fermicat said...

Mom - I'll miss those trees. As for the hammock, we're thinking of having our friend build us a deck-like platform for it on the east side of the porch.

Kat - it was a little chilly in the hammock, but nothing a small blanket couldn't cure. Got hot doing the yard work because I had to wear long sleeves to avoid scratching up my arms.

Some extra catblogging can certainly be arranged. I've got a nice backlog of cat photos just waiting to be posted.

LL said...

Yeah... it was a balmy 20 here yesterday, which belied the amazingly sunny day.

I don't know if I could lay out in a hammock on a grey dreary day like that. But then again... I haven't got a hammock to find out!

Word Ver: everest

I'm pretty sure that means we need a rest from any catblogging around here... forever! ;)

fermicat said...

LL - your word verification was missing the first letter 'n', as in 'neverest'. I think you know where I'm heading with this...

It was sunny this weekend. The combination of deep afternoon shade and the black and white exposure make it look like a gray day.

BC said...

That looks so inviting.

Jenn said...

i want a hammock.i wish we had two tree's near enough to each other to put one up!
veriword = ismoncat, lol, so now we get triple cat blogging this week from you? (going off what Kat said)

fermicat said...

BC - it's comfy!

Jenn - this one used to hang in my hemlock grove when I lived in New England. Now it is on a hammock stand.

Extra catblogging will definitely happen this week due to popular demand. Cover your eyes, LL.

fermicat said...

Midweek catblogging is up by popular request. Meow!