Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Day 50 - Visitor

A strange male has been hanging around outside my house.

This tomcat hasn't figured out that my two spayed females will NEVER be interested in him. He's trying very hard -- strutting around, marking territory, trying his best pickup lines on the girls. Zima is surprisingly tolerant of his presence. No fighting yet. I think Moxy would kick his ass if we let her out. Since we don't, she can only glare at him from the windows or the porch. That leaves Silvio to defend his territory alone. He's not having such a great time with it. They mostly have loud confrontations rather than actual fights, but Silvio never seems to get the advantage. His chief strategy seems to be finding new and creative places to hide. At least there has been no bloodshed.

Maybe Romeo will find a willing female elsewhere in the neighborhood and move on. He's a friendly guy. Handsome, too. I wouldn't mind him being around, except for his caterwauling and spraying.


LL said...


Jeni said...

Check your blood pressure before reading the rest of this comment.
And don't scream too loud either but dear daughter Mandy never got around to getting Mama cat Nina to the vet in a timely fashion so she's about due sometime soon to have yet another litter of kittens. The other cat, Chino, who we've had for almost 2 years and I was beginning to think I'd not checked the right areas to see if she was male or female since she never went into heat but apparently, since she wanders in and out of the house - a lot -she did finally go into heat and yes, pregnant and yes, she delivered a nice litter of four little gray striped kittens yesterday morning. I know -we're about to be overrun by cats if Mandy doesn't make the appointment as soon as possible now so that the kitten factory gets put out of business. (But gee these four new kittens sure are pretty.) The son-in-law keeps saying things about getting new homes for both the female cats and that just makes Mandy dig her heels in more, makes her more obstinate -and then forgetful about appointment scheduling. Much as I love the animals we have, I'm really not that keen on having a zoo either -since we already have that but with humans, ya know.

Fermi's Mom said...

Tuesday cat blogging? Poor LL!

fermicat said...

LL - I aim to please. Other people, not you. :ewink:

Jeni - y'all needed to get her fixed two litters ago!!

Mom - this one's for Jenn and Kat.

Jenn said...

it is at least a pretty cat! Love the Harry Potter stamp on his nose!

fermicat said...

Jenn - he's friendly enough. I just wish he wasn't peeing all over the place.