Friday, October 23, 2009

Back to basics



Fussy Cat
Fat Boy
Fat Cat
Fat Butted Cat
Booger Bear
Big Boy
Big Fat Cat
Mr Cat
Mr Sil
Mr Silv
Mr Silvio
Mr Slibs
Mr Big Fat Cat
Mr Booger
Mr Sweets
Mr Mister

or just plain "hey cat"


Dianne said...

ha! my guys have a million names too
maybe that's why they never respond?
who am I kidding, they never respond because they're cats

Silvio looks magnificent!

LL said...

Good. Lord.

fermicat said...

Dianne - he is pretty good about coming when I call him any of those names. He knows who butters his bread...

LL - catblogging, baby! With nicknames.

dr sardonicus said...

Or, "Here, kitty, kitty..."

My first generation would look at you as if you had gone insane if you tried that on them. The current bunch is too young to know better. Just get out some food...

fermicat said...

Doc - if all else fails, we shake the jar of kitty treats. Works every time for Zima and Silvio. Moxy... not so much. She doesn't think much of kitty treats (or people food -- strange cat).

Jeni said...

Yep! We can sure relate to all the cat nicknames here too! Nina -the Mama Cat -sometimes gets called "Broken Eye" cause she has kind of a lazy left eye sort of thing going on and Maya started saying that Nina has a broken eye so you can see where that came about. So far, no names have emerged for the six kittens and I find it not a good thing to give kittens names -makes them all that much harder to part with them when they are old enough to leave home, ya know!

Natalie said...

I'm glad we're not the only ones who have a bazillion ridiculous variations on our cats' names.

Dr Jenn said...

Doc - or just walk into the kitchen and sound busy... that works too

Fermi - Silvio is sooooo handsome! I wish you'd been here and heard Doc and his attempt to pronounce some of them names! LOL. I think you need to edit and put a phonics on some... tee hee hee! Do your cat's like Beer? We got one that will maul you to no ends trying to get a sip! Never saw a cat do that before.

fermicat said...

Jeni - naming the kittens might help you keep them straight, but the new owners would probably want to pick something different anyway.

Natalie - I like how the nicknames continuously evolve. Not sure how we came up with some of those...

Dr Jenn - I tried to spell them phonetically, though I wasn't very consistent with that. Our cats don't have any interest in alcoholic beverages (except when I am drinking Bailey's). But watch out if you are drinking water because they will stick their whole head into the glass to lick it. Ditto for milk.

Dave said...

I hear a certain team won and another lost today. Feeling full of oneself?

Dr Jenn said...

@Dave - really I wouldn't be suprised if she don't get a yellow tabby and name it GT or Tech or something

**Note to self** buy really tall and narrow drinking glasses and randomly leave on table for good cat blogging photos

fermicat said...

I'm pretty happy, but I won't be getting another cat to celebrate. But if I did, I would name him Paul Johnson!

NYPinTA said...

Both my cats have the same alternate name: goober.