Sunday, December 07, 2008

'Tis the Season...

...for procrastination.

I haven't done much about whittling down the list of gifts I need to buy. Even after deciding to do it mostly online, I am not feeling any sort of inspiration. I want to find unique and original things for people, but I don't even know where to start. Other than a few very cool things I picked up at an arts festival, I have only gotten a couple of other items. There is a long list to work through. I'd like to do a good job and find things that the people I love will really enjoy. This is probably one of those situations where my near total aversion to shopping of any kind is getting me into trouble. If you never set foot in a store, you generally don't ever see things that you think someone else might like. Then you sit in front of your computer like an idiot, wondering where to look and what might be out there. *sigh*

And Christmas cards? Yeah, haven't even started.


Dave said...

I started you on the card thing, there's still time.

NYPinTA said... All homemade gifts. Art, cloths, jewelry, furniture, tarot card bags, ect! I'm slightly addicted to that site.

fermicat said...

dave - ack! Still not ready.

NYPinTA - will try it.

Jeni said...

My favorite online shopping site -for gift purposes (as well as for myself) is Barnes & Noble. Just for me though I am addicted to Herrschnerrs -a craft supplies place -online, mainly to their "red hot" sales so I can get more stuff to put in my stash to make for gifts -now thinking about next year. LOL As to the cards, I dread that job from one year to the next! And I procrastinate horribly when it comes to that too. What's worse, once I get 'em finished, it seems to take forever to get them actually mailed out. That means leaving the house to drive to the post office for stamps and peeling them, placing them on the envelope. All so damned much work. And this says nothing about the mega case of writer's cramp I get within 10 minutes after starting the task. ARRGH!

fermicat said...

Jeni - I usually end up hitting B&N at some point.

Kathleen said...

I gave up cards years ago. I was sending out close to 200 and I decided to put the money into yarn instead. You're more apt to get a scarf from me than a card.

Thre's also for smart alecky stuff.

How do you feel about the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still?

Dianne said...

etsy is a great place to shop!!

but ya gotta do it soon to allow for shipping time

I have a very small list this year - economy and all

there's just too many of us so it is kids only

of course some of the kids are 35 but that's another story :)

LL said...

It's the damn cats stealing your breath at night I tellz ya!

JennyLu said...

Well while your shopping stop at and get me a keyboard for my laptop? Purty please?
~Hugs~ you'll get through this shopping stump.
p/s I havn't even started my cards yet,either

fermicat said...

Kat - I wish I could just give it up. I feel guilty if I don't send anything.

Dianne - a second vote for etsy. Will definitely go there and look around.

LL - and I keep tellin' ya that they only do that to babies!

JennyLu - ha ha. Glad I'm not the only one. But you have plenty of Christmas spirit going on your blog!

dr sardonicus said...

I haven't started, either. Have to get out of this damn treatment plant first. I really don't have that many people to buy for anymore.

Debo Blue said...

Did the good old Dr say he needed my Christmas List? I'm sending it right now Doc.

Fermi, try or or Something will come to you.

JennyLu said...

how about e-cards? they are fun fast and free!

Keli said...

Your tree, doorway and cat look really nice!
I did Happy New Years' cards a few years back and it took a LOAD of stress off!
You could always remodel your kitchen right now like WE ARE just for a distraction from what ever else you're not doing. Ha!

Leon Basin said...

That looks really nice.

C. Louis Wolfe said...

Great pic!

fermicat said...

dr s - I am glad I don't have your work schedule.

Debo - I went to Target and got all the kid gifts out of the way.

Jenny - I don't have everyone's email, so ecards are out.

keli - I remember those New Year's cards. Might have to do that if we don't get crackin' right away.

Leon and C. Louis - welcome, and thanks.

C. Louis - thanks.

BC said...

Mine are in the mail tomorrow. Usually I have them gone right after Thanksgiving. There was just so much going on that I didnt have time. Im still pressed for time for some orders that need to get out in the mail too. I still have some shopping to do but Cami's stuff is pretty much done.