Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coolest Advent Calendar Ever

Here it is.

Hat tip: LeNelle


LL said...

I'd go look... but I'm not an adventist. ;)

Jeni said...

THAT is absolutely AWESOME!
Thanks for sharing it.

magnetbabe said...

Beautiful images. I never get tire of Hubble stuff.

magnetbabe said...

Sorry, *tired*.

JennyLu said...

OOh OOh..OHH.. I booked marked the page (it is loading but I might have to do it from a better connection)

Thanks. This is up my ally.

Kathleen said...

I'm with magnetbabe, I never get tired of photos taken by the Hubble.

fermicat said...

Sorry for the late replies. Work has been crazy busy this week and I am still scrambling to get my Christmas shopping and prep work done.

LL - me neither, but this is still the coolest advent calendar ever.

jeni - you're welcome! I'm glad LeNelle shared it with me.

magnetbabe - I love 'em, too, and use a bunch of downloaded Hubble images as my screen saver slide show at the office.

Jenny - They might load slowly but they are worth the wait. Glad you like it.

Kat - it is truly amazing all the wonders that we've seen through the Hubble's eye.