Wednesday, December 31, 2008



For once, we have big plans for New Year's Eve. Got bowl tix and a room reserved downtown at the team hotel. I hope this goes well. Let me tell you why I'm nervous about this game. Because it is TECH playing in a BOWL.

Not enough, you say? OK, there's more: It's the Peach Bowl (no matter what they call it now, this particular bowl is not among the fifteen different bowls that Tech has won in the past). We're favored. And ranked. And playing an unranked opponent. And the fanbase has grown cocky and confident. And lots of people are picking us to win. And this is TECH playing in a BOWL (look up our bowl record of late). See? All the makings of an Epic Fail. I hope I'm worrying for nothing. We do have a helluva coach now, and some motivated players who want to end the season on a high note. But LSU is the defending national champ. They still have a lot of those same players. This game makes me nervous.

Have you figured out what you're going to do with that extra second we're getting this year? There is still plenty of time to plan. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you a happy New Year. Cheers!


Minnesotablue said...

Have fun at the game and have a great new years. Our team is playing in some unknown bowl (mn Gophers) but it won't be televised her. Course I don't like the coach so maybe that is why I am not interested. We do have Tubby Smith as our new basketball coach and I love the team so we'll see!

Dianne said...

Have a great time!!

Don't squander that extra second ;)

Happy New Year to you and the kitties

magnetbabe said...

Hmmm... Sounds like a perfect storm for choking. I can say that, my teams always choke. But I hope you have a great time. And if you drink enough, you won't even be aware of the outcome. Enjoy your hotel room, maybe you'll even get to hobknob with the players!

I can't believe we actually have to endure one more second of 2008. Ugh.

Here's to 2009! Happy New Year's to you, PDM and the kittehs.

fermicat said...

minnesota - I thought all the bowl games were on TV. Good luck in basketball. Tech is so bad this year I was able to walk up to the gate 15 minutes before the ACC opener with UVA and buy a ticket. Of course, we lost in overtime. *sigh*

dianne - I'll use that extra second to take another sip of single malt!

magnetbabe - we Tech fans are all still adjusting to the new Paul Johnson era mindset. Old habits (like worrying about a game you really ought to win) die hard.

The kittehs will be home alone on NYE, gulp. I hope they don't invite all the neighborhood cats over and trash the house...

Dave said...

You'll do fine. I was in New Orleans over the weekend and they are worried about playing Tech. LSU fans are a bit flashier than you guys though.

Happy New Year.

LL said...

35-3 at halftime?


If you leave at the half... do you get half your money back? ;)

Jeni said...

Huh? A bowl game? Wow, I'm jealous. Not so much that your team is playing in one -mine is too, remember the Rose Bowl? But rather that you would be able to go see it in person!
Now, what was the final score anyway or do I have to go to one of the sports news sites and look it up myself?
Anyway, hope you and hubby, those gorgeous cats too, all have a very Happy New Year and that you enjoyed the game immensely!

fermicat said...

Dave - it wasn't pretty.

LL - stayed until the bitter end.

Jeni - I'm trying to forget the final score.