Friday, October 03, 2008


Moxy and Silvio check out the destruction.

The shower walls and tile floors, along with a lot of drywall, are now in the dumpster in our driveway. We'll be shopping for a sink and toilet this weekend. In the "good timing" department, this weekend is a statewide tax holiday for energy efficient and water saving appliances. So we won't be paying any sales tax for the toilet. Somehow this does not make me excited about toilet shopping. Never done it before. Not really looking forward to it. I'll probably have a hard time getting through the experience without making a lot of sophomoric jokes.

And speaking of sophomoric jokes, we'll be tailgating early for the Georgia Tech vs. Duke game on Saturday. The early start means two things: mimosas and sausage balls. Guess what happens when I drink a few mimosas and am around sausage balls? That's right! Raunchy sophomoric "ball jokes". I've got a million of 'em! PDM is already practicing rolling his eyes in advance. He does not share this aspect of my sense of humor. He's not a fan of ball jokes, salty or not.


Dianne said...

I bet they inspected every square inch of the room. At high alert the entire time, you can see it in their body language. I adore how suspicious and careful cats are.

Enjoy your mimosa and chomp on down on some balls, that's what they're there for!

We got a great new toliet - American Standard - at Lowes. The extra wide, extra long - whatever whatever model. It was for my son's bathroom and well - you know how men are - the toliet is their throne and must be comfy.

dr sardonicus said...

It's just that raunchy ball jokes are better than raunchy mimosa jokes...

Better not drink too much before the game. Duke's improved this year. The Jackets may need your help to pull it out.

JennyLu said...

Have fun at the game and don't forget to close the tailgate,

fermicat said...

dianne - we don't let them roam the construction site unsupervised. No telling what they'd get into.

Mmmmm, mimosas and balls.

I checked out the latest consumer reports ratings of toilets and we have a list.

dr s - yes, the ball jokes are so much easier.

If Duke is good enough to beat us, I will need extra drinks. Both teams have good new coaches, but I think that Tech has better athletes (judging by last year's records). I hope the game isn't exciting.

jenny - we tailgate with some friends who have primo parking, so it isn't anywhere near our own tailgate. Plus, we usually take the Camry, not the Ford pickup. Better mileage, more comfy. It's worth the long hike.

dr sardonicus said...

GT should win, but the 14 points they're giving will probably be too much for them to cover.

I didn't take Duke this week. My favorite underdog is Northern Illinois and 17 against the formerly mighty Tennessee Vols. NIU has some weapons, UT is searching for a quarterback, and I'd like to see Northern win this one just to hear the shrieks of the whiny-ass Vol fans (which you'll be able to hear in Atlanta should UT lose) and to see Fool Fulmer hung in effigy in Knoxville. NIU probably won't be able to pull it off, but they'll stay in the game until UT wears them down with their deeper roster.

fermicat said...

dr s - I'm not sure what to expect from the Tech game, except some good football. If we don't cover the spread, it will be the first time all year. If UT loses, their shrieks of pain would be drowned out by the yelps of joy from UGA fans, who are still licking their wounds after last week. UGA plays UT next week, and there is no love lost between the two teams (especially after last year).

TheWriteGirl said...

Actually, shopping for bathroom fixtures can be a lot of fun. I did it when I renovated the powder room in my old house. There's such a variety of styles. I think you'll be surprised. Also be prepared to be overwhelmed by the huge number of faucet assemblies for sinks and showers. If you love your house (which I know you do), you'll enjoy this.

And as for mimosas...well, any time they're being served is a good time.

ctheokas said...

Hopefully you got a comfortable toilet, one that invited sitting. But you don't want it so comfortable that you waste the day on the throne.

LL said...

Two? One's bad enough, but two? *sigh*

fermicat said...

thewritegirl - I hope it is fun, but don't expect it to be. We know what we are looking for. Finding it is the thing.

ctheokas - hmmm, that sounds like good advice, but I can't see sitting on the floor models to test out comfort. Nope! I'll be going armed with the consumer reports ratings, which, oddly enough, do not include a category for comfort.

ll - You know I have three cats, right? Do I hear a challenge? :P