Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Getting any sort of rain here in Atlanta is, sadly, now a noteworthy event. It has been a bone dry September. Great for sports, but not so good for gardeners. The yard is a dry, dusty wasteland of crunchy weeds and dead grass. Trees are stressed, and smaller plants are comatose. We got less than an inch of rain last month, and no significant rainfall since the remnants of Fay passed through. Hearing the rain once again make music on the roof overnight was a welcome sound. Gray and rainy? No complaints here. It was a nice, cool change of pace.


Debo Blue said...

Rain! So Atlanta's soon to be a desert like Phoenix?

Enjoy the rain. We can expect next rainfall sometime in November.

PS-the temperature high today was about 96. Feel my pain?

Dianne said...

It rained like crazy here in NJ last night. It has actually been very wet lately. I'm not complaining since many are struggling with dry.

It is almost 80 now!! It was 30 the other night.

I'm so conflicted

LL said...

Rumor has it, white is on the way tonight...

Care to trade?

fermicat said...

debo - maybe you can send me a cactus or two to replace my poor dying dogwoods and azaleas? I did enjoy the rain, and really enjoyed the rainbow I saw on my way to work this morning.

dianne - 80 followed by 30 reminds me of the way it was in New England. Crazy weather swings.

LL - um, let me see... NO! It is only just now beginning to feel like fall. I'm definitely not ready for winter yet.

JennyLu said...

our droughts has a lot to do with irragation systems they put in out west (like in arizona)

We were also happy for the rain, got the stink off the horses

trinamick said...

We had two days straight of rain. I'd have gladly sent it your way. I need sunshine.