Friday, October 10, 2008

Thanks, Zima. No, really.

Zima knocked over a container of sugar this past week, right next to the stove. Of course the sugar went damn near everywhere, including between the stove and cabinets. *sigh* So we had to pull the stove out in order to get to the spilled sugar. And found out that we have spilled a lot more than sugar over the two years we've had it. There was a lot of gunk that ran down the sides of the stove. The episode turned into a big deep cleaning exercise. So thanks, Zima. No, really. We mean it. Turns out we really needed to pull that stove out and give everything a once-over. Maybe more often than once every two years.


JennyLu said...

ever consider getting those little plastic things that sit on the stove/counter... gosh... they are called spill shields ... it is like a thin piece of plastic that slides between the stove and counter and has a lip that sits on each.

Dianne said...

oh I like jennylu's suggestion!

I'm sure there is a whole colony of gunk living between my stove and the counters and the wall.

Siren and Mia need to do a better job of knocking stuff over.

Zima looks wonderful in that photo. Very Queen of her Queendom :)

How is sweet Silvio doing?

LL said...

You know... if she was outside my window right now... you wouldn't be able to see her. Yup... no longer rumor in this part of the world, it's WHITE! About 3 inches and still accumulating.

Are you sure you don't want to trade?

fermicat said...

jenny - never heard of 'em. Not sure I'd like the way they look. I'm thinking we should just pull the stove out a little more often.

dianne - mine are good at knocking stuff over also. Especially breakable glassware full of staining liquids, like red wine. Silvio has had some problems today, unfortunately. We took him to the vet today and he isn't blocked, but he is straining constantly (and everywhere in the house!!) and licking himself. We had no choice but to lock him in the bathroom. And we're traveling to Alabama for a wedding tonight. Mom's coming over to cat sit. Always happens at the worst possible time.

ll - positive. Zima, however, really likes snow because it turns her into "stealth cat". She doesn't get to be very stealthy here in the deep south.

dr sardonicus said...

We made a similar discovery when we painted the kitchen last year. Don't feel bad.

Georgia Tech 10, Gardner-Webb 7???

fermicat said...

dr s - I didn't get to see that train wreck of a game, due to my niece's wedding in Montgomery. We did listen to it in the car until we lost the signal. I was stunned. Yes, we played with our third and fourth string QBs, but still... wow.

Dianne said...

I'm sorry Silvio is having some issues. It's good he's not blocked but it is a problem that his behavior has been effected. When JR was being treated for diabetes he developed all sorts of secondary issues, cats are so complex.

well - enjoy the wedding!! it's good that Mom will be there :)

fermicat said...

dianne - we're back in town. Silvio is back at the emergency vet with another blockage. I've updated his condition in a new post.

TheWriteGirl said...

Sugar on the floor is the worst! It takes forever to get it all up. And the sound it makes when you step on it drives me crazy.

BC said...

I love that picture!! Im constantly having to move the stove and the dryer. Im good for knocking stuff behind it.