Friday, February 04, 2011


Day 343 - Merlin

Merlin, formerly known as "New Cat", has settled in with us nicely. He and Silvio have become partners in crime. The girls are relieved that they keep each other occupied and out of their fur. I'm glad we took him in. He's a good cat.


Dianne said...

I'm thrilled to see another cat get a home :)
good on you
and he is beautiful
quite regal looking
it's great that Silvio likes him, it can be a real challenge to introduce a new cat

hugs from all of us

Jenn said...

he cleans the floor nice?

Jeni said...

Also, a very pretty cat who poses quite nicely to have his portrait taken!

fermicat said...

Dianne - I was worried about how they would get along, but I think that they get along better as a group with him in it. He is a really sweet cat.

Jenn - Too bad they don't clean up their own messes!

Jeni - he is definitely photogenic.

david said...

Write or photograph something.

david said...

BTW, david is Dave. I'm using my phone.

Hallie said...

He's so pretty!

fermicat said...

Dave - done! With handy Netflix link to something good.

Hallie - thanks. He really is pretty, which is why we thought he was a girl for two weeks. :P

BC said...

I love the new name. Hes so handsome.