Monday, March 01, 2010

Pod People

I've gotten really into podcasts lately. It all started last summer when they changed my work assignment and sent me to the gritty urban location two days a week. I usually take the train, and needed some audio entertainment to pass the time. I wanted something other than music to listen to. I started with This American Life. But TAL is only one hour per week. I needed to branch out. Downloaded a few samples of this and that, and settled into a group of podcasts that grows larger every now and again when I discover something new. Now that I'm hooked, the podcasts get me through all kinds of otherwise boring tasks -- yardwork, road trip driving, routine tests that I have to do after hours at work.

My newest favorite is Radiolab. I also listen to lots of Fresh Air interviews, some silly thing by John Hodgman, the Freakonomics podcast, and for reasons I can't quite explain, CBC Radio's WireTap.

Any of you have any favorites you'd recommend? No politics, please. Just geeky stuff, humor, and stories, or some combination of the three.


Labwench said...

No politics kills my Rachel Maddow suggestion.

Moving on... just a couple...

NPR Driveway Moments
NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Scientific American's Science Talk

LL said...

I gotta rock.

fermicat said...

Labwench - Listening to the "Wait, Wait" show on the radio is a Saturday morning ritual for us on most weekends. I will take the Driveway Moments and Science Talk podcasts out for a test drive. Sounds like stuff I'd like.

LL - you're no help.

tiff said...

Ah - I was going to suggest WWDTM. Love that show.

Got nothin' after that.

fermicat said...

Tiff - WWDTM is a hoot.