Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seasonal Vegetables?

It is January. Deep in the dead of winter last I checked. But did my local grocery store have any butternut squash - a winter vegetable?

No. No, they did not.

But they had watermelon. Wha?

I had to drive to Tucker to get the winter squash. And took two of the last sad three. Not really in the mood for watermelon... doesn't make good soup.


Jeni said...

Watermelon in January? In Georgia? Hmmm. I'll have to check in with fellow blogger, Meloncutter, about this. He's the head of a produce department at some grocery chain in the Atlanta region and it sure would be funny wouldn't it, if the store that only had the watermelon was the one where he works.
Just a touch of irony there I guess!
And how was your soup anyway? That's something I've never tried, much less made.

fermicat said...

Jeni - the watermelons were smallish and almost spherical, and woefully out of season. They were positively NOT grown in Georgia! The roasted butternut soup was good. Even though I didn't have it ready until about 9:45pm. I made it southwestern style, with cumin, lime, honey, chipotles, and hot sauce. Yummmmm.

LL said...

I hate to tell you this fermi... but squash season ended in October. At least it did around these parts.

fermicat said...

LL - then they should call it "autumn squash" instead of "winter squash." Both stores had a lot of acorn squash. Maybe I should figure out how to cook that.