Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And to all, a good night.

sister moon

The Winter Solstice came and went yesterday with me too busy to notice. But once the pre-holiday crazy rush has passed, this is the season to slow down, take a few days off from your normal routine, laugh and enjoy family, rest and recharge. We defy the long dark with festive lights, a warm hearth, and a hearty feast. It isn't just the sun that seems to stand still this time of year. I love that week between Christmas and New Year. It stems from childhood, I think, when we were out of school and got to stay home and play. Even if you have to work (which I do), that week is a special time when ordinary rules and routines don't apply. We eat lavishly, indulge ourselves, play with new toys, see family and friends, watch movies and bowl games, reminisce about the year that's nearly gone, and nap.

Whatever you and yours do to celebrate the season and push back against the dark nights, I wish you happiness and joy.

tree of light


Dave said...

Very nicely written and photographed.

And not a cat in sight.

trinamick said...

Love that first picture. Does this mean our days start to get longer again? I need a serious sunshine fix soon. This getting up in the dark is for the birds.

fermicat said...

Dave - there is probably a cat out of frame in that first shot. Does that count?

trinamick - the days get longer, but it still gets colder. Doesn't seem fair.

Dianne said...

beautiful photos

I love the cat proximity post!!
I keep telling Mia and Siren that all I want for Christmas is for the 2 of them to sit together with me

Happy Merry to you and hubby and all the cats

LL said...

A cat out of frame? Those are the best kind of pictures... ;P

Have a great one fermi, and you have no idea what colder even means now that you've moved back to the Sooth. Dern warm weather bloggers. :ewink:

word ver: dorkse Are you trying to tell me something???

fermicat said...

Dianne - Meowy Christmas to you, Hope, your family, and the cats.

LL - I'm happy not to be in snow country (or bat country) right now. No white Christmas for us down south. Which is just fine.

Jim Donahue said...

Love that top photo.

Merry Christmas and all that.

Jeni said...

Hope you had a great Christmas -probably looking forward to some good celebrating next week at about this time with the New Year and the Bowl Games too!
I wish you were on my Facebook so you could see that kazillion cat and dog pictures (and some that are just cat pics too) that mandy and I have taken of our feline (3) and one canine creatures here! The kitten and Samuel J. Muttley (the "J" usually stands for Jackass) have become bosum buddies -no darned funny at times to watch them romp around and play and so sweet and precious to see the two of them all curled up in a ball together, just like they belong that way. A friend of ours remarked about one of those pics of them sleeping together that it just wasn't natural! I'll have to be sure to post a couple -at least -of the dog/cat show here in the near future!