Monday, June 08, 2009


It took a week, but I am feeling blissfully normal again. Physically, at least. Catching up on sleep did me a world of good.

Still trying to find life's equilibrium. All of those things I've neglected for weeks or months are calling to me. I may not answer all of them. It took a shock to the system to sort through my habits. I miss some more than others. It may be time for a few changes. Time will tell. No rush.


BC said...

You need this time to kick back and relax. You burnt yourself out for so long. Now its time to bring yourself back to life.

LL said...

I'm hoping catblogging finds its way to the cutting room floor, if'n you're getting rid of bad habits...

Red said...

Don't listen to LL, keep the cat blogging!
Reality is it takes a short time to aquire bad habbits or even to realize that u have them ... But it seems to take forever to alter the habbits!

Lots of luck on developing a new pattern

fermicat said...

BC - tryin' to.

LL - no way, catblogging is a pleasure!

Red - no worries - see above.

LL said...

Pleasure? For who?

It's a torment!