Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Photos Speak for Themselves

Sunrise Ridge Trail

Hurricane Ridge


Olympic Marmot

Alpine Beauty

These are all from our last full day on vacation and were taken in the subalpine region near Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. Lets just say it was a terrific vacation. We probably crammed way too much into one week. Drove 1300 miles. Hiked 36 miles. Had some wildlife encounters (including multiple bears).

Dealing with that first week back to work is always the worst, although a light schedule and my fellow physicists made it easier this time. We had a lot of adventures. Great times!


LL said...

I still can't believe you'd take pictures of things like that...

It's just rocks and trees, sheesh. I can see those anytime. ;)

tiff said...



Thanks for the vicarious trip!

Jeni said...

And you sure did get some awesome pictures of your trip! Beautiful, simply beautiful! Glad to hear you had a great opportunity to get away from the work scene for a while.

NYPinTA said...

Bears are scary!

Great photos though. Just stunning.

LL, your mountains aren't nearly as pretty! And notice the lack of cow placenta in her pictures?

fermicat said...

LL - I can, too. But these are so much prettier than the rocks and trees near my house. Plus... marmots, deer, and bears, oh my!

Tiff - you are welcome. :-)

Jeni - we choose locations like this for a reason. We love Ma Nature's treats.

NYPinTA - that is why I didn't snag a photo of the bears we saw. Pretty sure PDM would have rolled his eyes and left me behind had I tried it. And yes, we spent a week in the wilderness and saw nary a cow (or any other) placenta.

Dianne said...

I love that shot

they're all beautiful

LL said...

I did notice an alarming lack of placenta pictures... Just goes to show there's no accounting for taste.

And my mountains are just as pretty as those, I just don't post pictures of them because I don't need people from Atlanta visiting and ruining it all... ;)