Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quick Hits

Living Blur

A dogwood tree fell in our yard during Thursday evening's storms. Not a big deal since it didn't hit anything and isn't in the way. It seems almost a shame to have to remove it -- the cats think it is their personal feline jungle gym. They are all over it.

I've decided that planning our vacations is nearly as much fun as actually going on them. It finally got slow at work the past two days so I started working on our August plans. We're going to Washington state to see North Cascades, Olympic, and Mt. Rainier national parks. And since we're flying into Seattle, I think we'll have to make time to see the Science Fiction Museum just because.

Work is still kicking my ass, but in spite of that I am glad that they switched me to the Midtown location. Change is good. Still covering the "gritty downtown location" two days a week. Also still forced to "share" my Midtown office with a physician two of my three days there. And by "share", my employers mean when she is there I don't get to use it. Not fun.

So why haven't I been around here more? Ironically, my near constant access to the internet provided by my smart phone is the reason that I haven't been around very much. Now that I don't need a computer to read my email and get directions and stuff, I have less of a reason to get on the internet. I'm too busy to do it at work any more and don't really want to sit behind a computer at home since I spend so much time staring at a screen at work.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Forty five sure feels like halfway (or -gulp- more than half way) to something. Anyway, I decided to get myself a present: I'm hiring a housekeeper. I suck at cleaning, don't do it often enough and don't like it. I am more than happy to pay someone else to do it. So that's the plan. We've talked about hiring people to do the yard work also, but I am on the fence about that. I don't dislike yard work. I just don't like doing it when it is hot (kind of a problem when you live in Atlanta - it is hot all the dang time). I'd rather mow the lawn than vacuum any day, even if it is 95F and 95% humidity.


LL said...

So goes the way of things. And you're planning a vacation that's not going to happen until August? What the hell is wrong with your procrastination gene?

LL said...

Oh... have a good one tomorrow!

Dave said...

Happy Birthday!

fermicat said...

LL - Flights and hotels fill up, so you can't wait. Besides... you're supposed to procrastinate doing stuff you don't like. Vacations are exempt.

LL and Dave - thanks! It has been good so far (except for it being so bloody HOT).

NYPinTA said...

Happy belated birthday! I love the present you got for yourself. ;)

ShelliG said...

crap i missed the chance to heckle you in person. I will be in WA twice in Aug, too (for work) ironic yes!

fermicat said...

Hey Shelli!! Call me, or text or whatever. We need to get together and catch up. :-)