Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Office: After & Before

We spent Sunday overhauling the home office. Threw away or recycled a ton of stuff and created a much nicer space to work in. Next up: the Mac desk in our den.

Home Office: After

Here is what it looked like before (err, actually "during" since you can see some parts of the new desk on the floor in the foreground and the area to the left of the old desk has been cleaned):

Home Office: Before


LL said...

Hmmm... being a guy and all... the only difference I can see is the picture on the wall.


fermicat said...

Guys... :rolleyes:

ctheokas said...

Nice new office, Fermi!

fermicat said...

ctheo!! Thanks. Good to hear from you.

tiff said...

digging it!

Hallie said...

That looks so good. And organized! I'm still working on my own home office, which has been... uh... a year or so in the making. ;)