Friday, May 15, 2009

The World Is His Litterbox


He just doesn't know it yet.

We've started letting Silvio outside when we are home to supervise. He hasn't figured out that he can pee wherever he wants to when he is outside. Today, he was outside for a while, and then promptly peed on the porch when I let him back in. *sigh* Maybe we should have him follow Zima around. She definitely prefers nature's litterbox.

I haven't been around the internets much due to the impending exam. It's all eat, sleep, work, study. I'm taking the last week of May off, so I can cut out the work part and study full time. May 31. Seventeen days.


Jeni said...

I really like that picture of him -his fur looks just like silk and the look on his face just says "Hey, I am the King and don't you forget it!"

fermicat said...

Thanks, Jeni. Are you sure that expression isn't his "hmmm, where (besides the litterbox) do I want to pee once she lets me back inside the house" look?

LL said...

Does he have a big statue with that phrase circling the globe around his head too?

Damn cats.. too dumb to even know a good thing when they're in the middle of one... :P

Dianne said...

my guys think outside is a huge room and they wonder where the ceiling is ;)

maybe you should put a litter box outside? would it encourage him when he's outside?

Mia is so confused from all her latest treatments that she uses the litterbox and then throws poop out of the box

I don't know what the hell that's about other than cats have all sorts of complex ways of dealing with stress

Silvio looks great, that photo is a beauty.

fermicat said...

LL - smarts isn't Silvio's strong suit.

Dianne - I was thinking of bringing just the top cover from the litterbox and placing it over some nice, soft, diggable dirt. Maybe that'll give him the hint he needs.

Natalie said...

That's funny, and a little sad. We always talk about letting ours out once we finally settle down with a house. It's not smart to do so if you know there is an impending move. But as it is, none of ours have any desire whatsoever to go outside despite the fact they all lived outside at some point. In fact McLovin bolts in the other direction if he hears the door open. And Allie is more interested in getting in the shared basement out the back door than the big world outside the front. Strange creatures, indeed.

Red said...

Yea, Cat Blogging! I posted a cat joke today. Hee Hee. I could post pictures of hte bird to tease the cats, eth? Hee Hee.

17 more days. You go girl. You go and get that doctrate!

fermicat said...

Natalie - look for a cat-friendly house/location when you finally settle on an area. I wonder if going outside will help Silvio be less shy around strangers. I'll settle for him finally figuring out he can pee out there. It hasn't sunk in yet.

Red - not much else going on here, but I will try to keep up the catblogging.