Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to Work

That first full week of work in January is always a bummer. I worked every day that wasn't an actual holiday, but even a couple of days off over two weeks is a treat. Our schedule today is packed, and I expect to be slammed with work this week.

What makes getting back to work worse this year is that it is also time for me to start studying again. The last of the three tests that I must pass to become board certified is coming up in late spring. I am so not ready to hit the books again. Seems like I just got over the last test! All I can do is try to chip away at it a little bit every day until it becomes a habit. At least it won't ruin my summer this time. Gotta look at the bright side...


Jeni said...

Good attitude there -look at the bright side! Study hard and do well on the test now too!
Oh and I have a picture -I think, if it downloads okay -of our sweet Chino kitty here that Mandy too Saturday as she was "defrocking" the tree. I had hoped to have it downloaded for a post today but haven't got to it yet. As soon as she took it, I though immediately of you and your cats! So if I forget, remind me to post it.

Dianne said...

you did so good last time, you know you can do it :)

I hate this time of year - it seems so still - as if it's waiting for something to happen - or fall.

fermicat said...

Jeni - we managed to keep our cats away from the tree by setting it up on the porch.

Dianne - I'm waiting... for SPRING!

I worked on something challenging and interesting today, so it wasn't too bad for the first day of cold, hard reality. Plus I actually studied for about 45 minutes. No guilt for this chick!

Jennster said...

I agree with Jeni - great attitude and one I need to practice! I thought you were done! I'm sorry. GOod luck with the studying and don't get mad if you skip a day here and there but they say that the more practice the better

got a headache ? my veri word is like excedrine only exedrain LOL

fermicat said...

Oooh, I could use some exedrain many days. Got any to spare?

I started strong with the studying, but haven't done too well the rest of the week. I'm blaming sports and television, and will try harder next week. :shrug: