Monday, October 22, 2007

Disaster! Paratroopers! Crappy Video!

It's official: I live in a disaster area (and I feel fine). Actually we got a little bit of rain over the last 24 hours. Not enough to help the water table or lake levels, but we'll take whatever we can get.

In other disasters, Georgia Tech's star running back Tashard Choice was injured early in Saturday's game against Army. The latest word is that he needs surgery on his knee and will miss at least one game (the VT game, unfortunately). He is a tough player with a lot of heart, and I wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

Speaking of football, we had a treat before the game when four paratroopers from Fort Benning landed on Georgia Tech's Grant Field during the pregame show. It was a lot of fun to watch (and lasted much longer than a flyover). I used my tiny little camera's movie function for the very first time, and created my first tiny little movie. Unfortunately, I kind of suck as a videographer, especially since my camera's LCD screen is completely useless in bright sunlight. I couldn't tell what I was pointing it at (apparently, not what I was aiming for most of the time). I cropped the really awful part (believe it or not). So I present, without further adieu (or excuses), my very first crappy little video, ever:

I hope my shaky camera work didn't just make y'all sick. By the time the last guy landed, I sorta had the hang of it. Mostly.

I'm still eating my vegetables, just so ya know. I tried LL's fried zucchini, Magnetbabe's sauteed green beans, and Jim's roasted cauliflower over the weekend. Everything was delicious. I took tonight off because PDM made Mulligatawny soup. Mmmmmmm.


LL said...

Once I get over my motion sickness... I'll make a comment. ;P

So you liked the various side dishes, eh? Glad for that.

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the reminder. I want to print out some of those veggie recipes (because I cook so often).

I think you did a fine job. I especially liked it when I got a glimpse of clear blue sky w/o any of those pesky paratroopers in the way.

tiff said...

OH! I just posted a chicken soup recipe that's plum LOADED with veggies.

ANd, HI from a fellow droughter.

trinamick said...

Very nice job. I always shut off my camera too soon when I try to make a video.

Jeni said...

Aside from the fact that it took the better part of the afternoon for the darned youtube to download or upload or whatever in blazes it has to do on dial-up to play, it was a gorgeous view of a beautiful blue sky (LOL - gotta tease you about that part) but you did good once you got the paratroopers focused it! Amazing, isn't it what those guys can do! (Did I mention or give the impression I hate dialup? I do ya know!)

Dave said...

I thought the resolution was pretty good for a cell phone. Since you were editing, cut out the first guy and leave the rest looking good. The Hollywood people do it.

fermicat said...

ll - my side dishes have definitely been livelier of late.

kat - thanks, I think.

tiff - great recipe! And droughts suck.

trinamick - I edited out the part where I didn't quite get the video shut off before putting the camera back in my purse. Talk about motion sickness...

jeni - everything is high band-width nowadays. I don't know how you can stand dial up. I would not have the patience. But thanks for having the patience to download my little video.

dave - it was my subcompact camera, not a cell phone (my cell is way too old to have features like video). Maybe the next video will be better... I edited out over two minutes from the initial portion of the video, which was considerably worse than what I left in.

Dave said...

Sometimes I "don't read" too fast. Still not that bad.

Kathleen said...

I was actually serious. I thought it was a beautiful blue sky.

Uh oh, you're much further along in the book than I am. I got sidetracked with a book for Banned Book Week which extended for damn near the entire month.